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Ten new sculptures at Scovill Sculpture Park. A gallery of photographs from Howard Buffett’s world travels. A beautiful new amphitheatre in Nelson Park. A Scovill Zoo train extension to the Children’s Museum of Illinois. Do you BELIEVE in the power of PARKS? The Decatur Parks Foundation’s purpose is to preserve and improve our parks, recreational opportunities, and the arts. Through the ongoing support of generous donors, we have enhanced projects beyond the scope of the Park District’s annual budget, making Decatur a more vibrant place to live, work and play.

Do you BELIEVE in the power of CONNECTION? The Decatur Parks Foundation values its many partnerships throughout the community. These relationships have resulted in a new Fit Court in Nelson Park, 240+ new trees in Nelson and Fairview Parks, community races that have spanned generations, and Decatur achieving amazing first-year results in the America in Bloom competition.

Do you BELIEVE in the power of NATURE? The Decatur Park District manages over 4,000 acres, the majority of which can be found at the Decatur Airport, 2 award-winning golf courses, and your neighborhood parks. Active trails, energetic green spaces, and soothing gardens enable all in our community to enjoy the great outdoors.

Do you BELIEVE in the power of FUN? Regardless of age, you can find joyful, smile-inducing activities – like pickleball, soccer, acting, dancing, swimming, painting, and learning more about your favorite zoo animals…just to name a few.

We BELIEVE in DECATUR and work each day to make it a better place for YOU and your family to enjoy. As you look forward to 2019, please consider a gift to the Decatur Parks Foundation. Together, we will be “behind every experience,” ensuring the growth, enjoyment, and beauty of our parks for years to come.


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